A Stitch in Time – How Analytics Optimize Operations

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A Stitch in Time – How Analytics Optimize Operations

November 10, 2022 Podcast Archives 0

Broadcast Date: November 10, 2022 at 3 PM ET

The razor’s edge of innovation today reaches all the way to the front lines of operations. Using data-driven analytics, companies are optimizing key business processes at-scale, improving performance, customer experience, and just about any other metric that can be measured. Of course, the devil’s always in the details somewhere, so to learn from the experts, check out this episode of DM Radio! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview Nick Jewell, PhD, of Incorta, alongside Dan Rosanova of Confluent, and Shruti Bhat of Rockset.


Eric Kavanagh
CEO at The Bloor Group

Eric has nearly 30 years of experience as a career journalist with a keen focus on enterprise technologies. He designs and moderates a variety of New Media programs, including The Briefing Room, DM Radio and Espresso Series, as well as GARP’s Leadership and Research Webcasts. His mission is to help people leverage the power of software, methodologies and politics in order to get things done.


Nick Jewell
Senior Director of Solutions Marketing at Incorta

Navin Sharma
VP of Product at Stardog

Shruti Bhat
Chief Product Officer & SVP Marketing at Rockset