Make a Splash at CES 2024!

Let's talk Data!

You worked so hard to exhibit at CES 2024, let us help you make the most of it! Our social media influencers are ready to help spread the word about your innovation! We’ll interview you or your client on-site and blast it across social and traditional broadcast channels! 

Please submit yourself or a colleague as a possible speaker via our DM Radio submission form:

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We’ll be recording Wednesday – Friday from 9-5, but slots are limited, so please act now! The world is awaiting your amazing ideas and announcements! And you get to choose which influencers you’d like to interview you, schedule permitting.

Thank You!

DM Radio

Eric Kavanagh
CEO at The Bloor Group

Jim Harris
Author, Speaker

Evan Kirstel
B2B TechFluencer
at eViRa Health

Chris Pereira
CEO at North American Ecosystem Institute

Irma Rastegayeva
Co-Founder & Chief Digital Storyteller at eViRa Health