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2020 Predictions with eWeek Gurus

Broadcast Date: Thursday, Dec. 12 @ 3 ET What will 2020 bring? Only the future knows! But the futurists sure have some good ideas! Check out this episode of DM Radio as host @eric_kavanagh interviews eWeek Chief Editor Chris Preimesberger, along with authors Wayne Rash and Zeus Kerravala.

December 12, 2019 0

Modern Data Warehousing: On-Prem and in the Cloud

Yes, it’s true: The rumors of data warehousing’s demise have been greatly exaggerated! Despite all the hullabaloo around Hadoop, reality ultimately set in, and businesses realized that data warehousing remains a viable mechanism for understanding important corporate data at scale. Part of the resurgence in data warehousing as a practice resulted from the skyrocketing success…
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November 21, 2019 0

Build vs Buy: What to Consider for a Data Science Platform

DATE: November 14th, 2019TIME: 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific The Guests Micheal Grant, Anaconda Stanley Seibert, Anaconda About the Discussion If you build it, they will come; however, if you buy it, you could save some funds. Every project is different; otherwise, buying the finished project would be the way to go. However, there are…
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November 14, 2019 0

All Access Pass: The Race to Provision Data At Scale

Original Air Date: October 24th, 2019 The Guests Dipti Borkar, Alluxio Sean Knapp, Ascend About the Discussion Time was, your access to data largely came through one primary channel: ODBC. The nearly ubiquitous driver was responsible for pulling data from just about any database anywhere. Then JDBC came along, giving developers another valuable option. But…
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October 24, 2019 0

Living on the Edge: A New Era of Enterprise Computing

Original Air Date: October 17th, 2019 The Guests Chris J. Preimesberger, Editor, eWEEK Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research Mike Capuano, CMO, Pluribus Networks About the Discussion Once just a dream, the reality of edge computing has arrived. For all kinds of use cases, this architectural approach leverages the processing of data far from any data center…
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October 17, 2019 0