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Let's talk Data!

How a ‘Data Fabric’ Can Weave the Modern Business

Original Air Date: December 6, 2018   The Guests Bill Peterson, MapR Piet Loubser, Paxata Ravi Shankar, Denodo Scott Clinton, Hortonworks   About the Discussion With a multi-cloud world now a foregone conclusion, today’s innovators are working on the design and production of a data fabric. Stretching between and throughout organizations, this information backbone enables transactions…
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Big Data: How to Make It Work for You

DATE: January 17, 2019 TIME: 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific   The Guests Shant Hovsepian , Arcadia Data Andy Sheldon, Unifi Software Sean Zinsmeister,ThoughtSpot   About the Discussion Big Data continues to reshape the business world in deep and compelling ways. But not everyone has yet cracked the code for leveraging this plentiful resource. Many…
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December 2, 2018 0

Narrow AI: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Original Air Date: November 29, 2018   The Guests Stefan Groschupf, SalesHero Faisal Abid, Byron Reese, Gigaom Micah Hollingworth,   About the Discussion Hollywood has it all wrong with respect to Artificial Intelligence (AI), at least for now. The power of this technology is really focused on automating the mundane, and thus liberating people…
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November 29, 2018 0

Prediction and Prescription: What to do Next?

Original Air Date: November 15, 2018   The Guests Badrish Prakash, Tiger Analytics Bill Franks, International Institute for Analytics   About the Discussion Linear regression may be the mainstay of predictive analytics, but these days there are other ways to get that job done. From behavioral science to high-powered graph technology, we’ve come a long way from…
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November 15, 2018 0

Digital Transformation? Don’t Miss the Boat!

Original Air Date: November 8, 2018   The Guests Jeremy Levy, Indicative Rob Perry, ASG Technologies Deborah Baron, Tom Sawyer Software Prashant Bhatia, Stibo Systems   About the Discussion Don’t look now: another company just experienced digital transformation the hard way. Almost every day, some company somewhere realizes they missed the boat, while their competition innovated.…
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