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DMR Stephen Cavey | Data Privacy

Is It Dead? What’s The Deal With Actual Privacy With Stephen Cavey And Gary LaFever

    Data breaches are happening more than ever, and it’s up to companies to start taking data privacy seriously. The eyes have it! And by “it,” we mean visibility into what you’re doing. These days, the security of all your data is always at risk, whether in transit or at rest. So, is privacy…
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December 2, 2022 0
DMR Nick Jewell | How Analytics Optimize Operations

A Stitch In Time – How Analytics Optimize Operations With Nick Jewell, Navin Sharma, And Shruti Bhat

  Host @eric_kavanagh welcomes Nick Jewell, Ph.D., of Incorta, Navin Sharma, VP of Product at Stardog, and Shruti Bhat of Rockset, to talk about how analytics optimize operations. The razor’s edge of innovation today reaches operations’ front lines. Companies use data-driven analytics to optimize key business processes at scale, improving performance, customer experience, and just…
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November 20, 2022 0
DMR Bin Fan | Machine Learning

Learning Curve? Understanding ML’s Growing Role With Bin Fan, Joshua Rubin, And Ryan Ries

  From 0-60 in just a few short years, Machine Learning is now pervasive in business. It’s being used by lots of different large and small organizations, whether for optimizing pricing, procurement, or processes. ML algorithms are everywhere, and the ML process is getting easier to understand, from low code to no code. Join Eric…
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November 15, 2022 0
DMR Silvia Rocha | Automation

How Low Can You Go? With Code, That Is! With Rich Waldron And Sílvia Rocha

  From low code to pro code, the enterprise software landscape continues to expand and evolve in a remarkable fashion. Automation is the rule of the day, and when done properly, gives companies the ability to adjust key business processes without having to call IT, or bring in consultants. Learn more on this episode of…
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November 9, 2022 0
DMR Avinash | Ai For Business

Open The Pod Bay Doors, Please? With Luuk van Dijk And Avinash Misra

  What is an intelligent system, and why might we want one? Good questions! Siri is an example of an intelligent system in that “she” can answer questions somewhat successfully. But what about in the enterprise? We’ll tackle this topic on today’s DM Radio, as Host Eric Kavanagh interviews Luuk van Dijk, Daedalean and Avinash…
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November 1, 2022 0