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Augmented Analytics: The Best of Both Worlds

Broadcast Date: Thursday, January 16th @ 3 ET Guests:Shawn Rogers, TIBCOSean Zinmeister, ThoughtspotPete Reilly, AnswerRocket Analytics drives the Information Economy, and now that we see “augmented” analytics coming into picture, life will surely get better! But what, exactly, is augmented analytics? Check out this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview…
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December 21, 2019 0

Artificial Intelligence as the Great Enabler

Broadcast Date: Thursday, January 9th Guests:Chris Nicholson, PathmindDan Turchin, Astound Vincent Spruyt, SentianceViral Shah, Julia Computing What will Artificial intelligence affect in the business world? The shorter answer would be: What won’t AI affect? Already, AI algorithms are optimizing practically every type of business process imaginable; and we’ve only just begun! Check out this episode…
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December 21, 2019 0

A Year of Data Innovation: 2019 in Review

Broadcast Date: Thursday, Dec. 19 @ 3 ET What a year it’s been! The Information Economy is now in full swing, and data fuels innovation like never before. What were some of the most significant developments of 2019? Check out this episode of DM Radio to find out! Host @eric_kavanagh will interview several guests, including…
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December 12, 2019 0

2020 Predictions with eWeek Gurus

Broadcast Date: Thursday, Dec. 12 @ 3 ET What will 2020 bring? Only the future knows! But the futurists sure have some good ideas! Check out this episode of DM Radio as host @eric_kavanagh interviews eWeek Chief Editor Chris Preimesberger, along with authors Wayne Rash and Zeus Kerravala.

December 2, 2019 1

Modern Data Warehousing: On-Prem and in the Cloud

Yes, it’s true: The rumors of data warehousing’s demise have been greatly exaggerated! Despite all the hullabaloo around Hadoop, reality ultimately set in, and businesses realized that data warehousing remains a viable mechanism for understanding important corporate data at scale. Part of the resurgence in data warehousing as a practice resulted from the skyrocketing success…
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November 21, 2019 0

Build vs Buy: What to Consider for a Data Science Platform

DATE:¬†November 14th, 2019TIME:¬†3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific The Guests Micheal Grant, Anaconda Stanley Seibert, Anaconda About the Discussion If you build it, they will come; however, if you buy it, you could save some funds. Every project is different; otherwise, buying the finished project would be the way to go. However, there are…
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November 8, 2019 0

General Data Protection Regulation – The New Normal

DATE: February 22, 2018 TIME: 3 PM Eastern / 12 PM Pacific The Guests Malcolm Chisholm, First San Francisco Partners Matthew Hayes, Attunity Joe Garber, Micro Focus Bart Vandekerckhove, Collibra About the Discussion Be prepared! The General Data Protection Regulation kicks in this May 25, and no one really knows what that will mean with…
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February 22, 2018 0

Finders Keepers: The New Age of Data Discovery

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: February 15, 2018 The Guests Jen Underwood, Impact Analytix Ashley Kramer, Alteryx Ian Fyfe, Zoomdata Deborah Baron, Tom Sawyer Software About the Discussion As data volumes increase and data types proliferate, the practice of discovery becomes significantly more challenging. Traditional methods simply cannot handle the size and nature of the job. However,…
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February 15, 2018 0

Enterprise Architecture in the Era of Hybrid Cloud

Original Air Date: February 8, 2018 The Guests Sam Holcman, EACOE Peter SMalls, Dataos IO Ravi Shankar, Denodo About the Discussion The landscape for Enterprise Data Management now extends far beyond the corporate firewall. Over the last two years, the gravitational pull of cloud computing has opened many doors for enterprise computing, offering vast new…
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February 8, 2018 0

Data Warehousing and Data Lakes: The Big Picture

Original Air Date: February 1, 2018 The Guests Wayne Eckerson Founder and Principal Consultant of Eckerson Group Steve Wooledge,  VP, Marketing at Arcadia Data Lakshmi Randall, Director of Product Marketing at Denodo Alexandra Gutow, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Cloudera About the discussion For decades, the Data Warehouse has dominated the information landscape. Then Big…
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February 2, 2018 0